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By George Obulutsa NAIROBI, May 16 (Reuters) - Police fired tear gas and water cannon at stone-throwing crowds protesting in central Nairobi against an election oversight body that they say is biased and should be scrapped, a Reuters witness reported. Fire Risk Assessor A fire risk assessor will need: Understanding of the fundamental principles of fire prevention and control, raising awareness of the vast range of topics involved in fire safetyfire hazards, associated risks and passive and active means available to mitigate fire ability to apply the principles and methodology of fire risk assessment, exploring the process and applying learning through a number of practical activities management knowledge of the principal workplace Need to know: Fire at home or business sites can have a destructive impact for those involved that may end up with injuries, fatalities and destruction of buildings.

So, for shielding a company it is not enough to just have a handful of fire extinguishers. Many people forget to maintain their security in the past, and later they found out the hard way the need of those items. Though, a fire extinguisher alone is not good enough to protect against harsh fires. They have to be maintained regularly, so that they remain functional when they want it the most. This is crucial when you want to secure life, as well as property.

The situation that occurs due to fire is obviously something we all want to avoid. Taking some basic safeguards, risk of fire in home or indeed at work can be drastically reduced. 1. Do not use water agents or grease on oil fires or use dry chemical extinguishers to electrical devices or anything with metal because it is corrosive. 2. Do not stand too close to the fire or even plan to walk on those extinguished areas.

3. Try not to put them on areas where fire is most likely to happen making them unreachable. 4. Do not leave them on corridors or any anything that is highly magnetic. 5. Do not violate the standards because even with their presence you might still be at risk or prone to the dangers of fire. 6. Avoid playing with the equipment or its substances because they may cause injury to you. State police have said it was raining Saturday morning but it was uncertain if that was a factor in the crash that occurred just before 11:30 a.

m. According to federal online records, OGA Charters, based in San Juan, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley, has two buses and the Motor Carrier Safety Administration had it listed with a "satisfactory" rating in May 2014. Fire can keep us warm. In addition it possesses the ability to make us homeless. That's why all need to know the measures regarding preventing the fire inside of the houses and office spaces. Fire prevention is regarded as a definition that is met more and more often nowadays.

It is a necessity to apply this definition since more buildings are made of lighter materials and are built closer and closer together. on April 13, 2016. MEP, an ENERGY STAR partner since 2001, was honored for increasing its ENERGY STAR business by 49% in 2015 and assisting 240 commercial building owners and managers to attain ENERGY STAR award status, additionally to heavily advertising the ENERGY STAR program through all corporate and social media vehicles.

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